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StinkFist Triple I.P.A - If you’re a fan of hopped-up craft beers, this is the I.P.A. for you.  This is a very limited edition, small-batch, high gravity, high bitterness brew that is sure to redefine your idea of an Imperial I.P.A.  Piles of Chinook hops are added to the boil to impart the well-rounded, dry, bitterness.  A proprietary blend Read the Rest...

MoJo Ryesing – Rye I.P.A. - Amarillo hops are used exclusively as the bittering and aroma hops in this special Rye I.P.A.  The finished brew exhibits an intoxicating dank aroma with spice and citrus flavors (grapefruit) and a lingering bitter finish. 5.8% ABV, 78 IBU

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- 4th of July Tap Room hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Have a safe and fun holiday!