Whats on Tap

Petoskey Grapefruit Shandy - Summer is here!  This is a well-balanced, clean drinking craft shandy.  Not overtly sweet, but with plenty of grapefruit goodness thanks to our brewers utilizing both the grapefruit zest and the whole fruit. 5.5% ABV, 12 IBU

Sour Guy – American Sour Ale - Reminiscent of a traditional Berliner Weisse but with no wheat in the grain bill. American sour ales are introduced to “wild” yeast or bacteria.  In the case of Sour Guy, lactobacillus was introduced to impart a clean tartness to an otherwise easy-drinking ale (Party Guy). 4.1% ABV, 3 IBU

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Dinner is served! - We’re back to our original menu for the time being while we resolve a few “code” issues with our new kitchen equipment.  Click on the Menu tab above.